Nature in the heart : À la Vigne

In the vineyard

At the Domaine du Pountet, it is nature that inspires us and we respect it in all our decisions and our work.

We conduct our vineyard with one goal in mind:

create unique wines by minimizing our impact on the environment.

For example, we use copper and sulfur for our disease treatments, but also orange essential oil for pests.

Interventions are carried out only when the risk of disease development is high, thus limiting the impact on the environment.

The fertilizers are only organic.

We favor small plots rather than large expanses of vines, planting hedges that serve not only as a boundary between our vines, but also, and more importantly, as shelter for the local flora and fauna.

We chose the HVE certification (High Environmental Value, level III the highest) because it meets the holistic vision that we have of our vineyard.


Indeed, the preservation of biodiversity by the creation of hedges, grassy strips, the activation of the organic and microbial life of the soil by ploughing, natural amendments but also the installation of nesting boxes for chickadees and bats (they are the guarantors of biocontrol and help us to fight against the Eudemis, a butterfly pest of the vine) as well as the preservation of bees by the installation of beehives on our vineyard allow us to recreate a balance lost over the years.


This management in the vineyard preserves the ecosystem of the vine, which allows a return of the biomass on the plots and the resilience of the vine.